Soft ToughRubber


What if you could rapidly print soft, flexible parts with functional end performance, complex geometry, and fine feature sizes? Designed for functional prototypes of audio ear buds, wearable electronics, and anatomical medical models Soft ToughRubber (STR) delivers silicone feel and mechanical properties with the resolution and surface finish that DLP® printing provides.


Soft ToughRubber is the newest product in the ToughRubber family, a class of one-part, one-pot, rapid curing photopolymer resins with high-throughput print speeds. With Adaptive3D Technologies materials, you can create stronger, tougher, and more-strainable parts that have high accuracy, isotropic properties, and great printability.

Sample Uses:

Functional Prototypes

Ear pieces

Wearable Electronics


Metric Units
Tensile Strength D638M 1.3 + 0.20 MPa
Compression Set @25°C D638M 1.7%
Elongation at Break (%) D638M 261%
Hardness D2240 28.6 Shore A
Solid Density D792 1.083 g/mL
Viscosity @25°C D2196 567 cP
Liquid Density D1475 1.019 g/mL

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