Maximum part sizes?

On the Carbon Inc M2 printer, we can produce parts at up to 7.4 in x 4.6 in x 12.8 in (18.9 cm x 11.8 cm x 32.6 c).



We are competitive and accessible for projects in nearly any industry. Our design team will help determine the most effective solutions to keep costs low for prototypes, projects, and production scale.


How SCALABLE is this?

We have a fully equipped lab for DLP printing, and can explore opportunities with new additive manufacturing services to expand and grow with you.

Ideal Projects

Ideal Projects

Is 3D Manufacturing right for my project?

Small parts are typically the most economically viable candidates for 3D printing, and especially small complex structures. The possibilities are expansive, but good candidates include: 1) parts that can be simplified from multi-part assembly to a solid printed piece; 2) parts that require customization or serialization; 3) parts with fine features or digitally applied texture and; 4) parts with previously un-moldable complex geometries. 

What are the primary advantages of 3D Manufacturing?

Traditional manufacturing, such as injection molding, was created for mass production. There is a significant initial investment to create the design and mold, which can’t be altered without significant expense. But mass customization, dynamic improvements, reiterations, rapid economic prototyping, and the benefits of complex geometries aren’t available to traditional manufacturing methods. Explore the revolutionary possibilities with 3D printing.

What are the benefits of DLP over other 3D printing options?

Digital Light Processing provides numerous benefits over traditional 3D printing. The high-resolution surface finish and isotropic materials provide consistent mechanical properties more comparable to injection molded parts, while other 3D printing technologies have inconsistent mechanical performances. DLP printed parts have a high resolution, a wide range of material options, and end-use part quality for either production or mechanical testing of prototypes.

What are complex geometries, and how can they help me?

This process offers the possibility of creating previously multi-part structures as a single, superior part, in ways not possible with molded parts. Lattices, triply periodic minimal surfaces, imitation and replication of organic shapes all provide endless new solutions to problems that weren’t previously solvable. This can lead to lightweighting, cushioning, impact and vibration absorption, heat dissipation, breathability, filtration, and more.

What are the limitations of this process?

Not every part is a good candidate for this process. For large parts or parts that can be produced on a mass scale that would justify the cost of milling a single mold, traditional methods might offer a more efficient solution. Contact us and we can explore your ideas, and together we’ll determine whether there’s an application or solution where 3D printing makes sense.

How It Works

How It Works

What's the best way to explore this?

Whether you have an idea to improve an existing part or to create a new part, we’ll work with you at any phase of your product design. In our free consultation, we’ll focus on your goals, needs, limitations, and work with you to develop a plan to take your idea to a production-ready model. From there, you can make one or make millions. Our product design phase is an investment with significant returns when you have an innovative and first-to-market product.

What's the process for turning an existing design into a real part?

If you have a .stl file, upload it on our Contact Us page, or email it directly to [email protected]. Our design team will work with you to optimize your design for the best results, maximize the benefits of the technology, and utilize the expertise of our partner network if necessary.

My project is proprietary and/or confidential. Can I be assured that this will be respected?

Absolutely. We’re familiar with and accustomed to working within privacy constraints. Our legal team will work with you to make sure the appropriate documents are in place to cover all bases. We understand the importance of keeping your ideas, documents, and projects safe and confidential.

What service can I expect from Ramaco 3D?

We pride ourselves on offering the most personal customized service for our customers in the industry. Whether your project is big or small, we will work closely with you through every step — from design to production — and continue the commitment with support. We’re as excited about your ideas and designs as you are, and our team stands behind our quality!

Other questions?


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