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Who We Are

Ramaco 3D is the additive manufacturing arm of Ramaco Carbon, a Wyoming-based company focused on using America’s most abundant resource — coal-derived carbon — to create high-value products and advanced materials, such as carbon fiber, carbon nanotubules, graphene, graphite, and resins for additive manufacturing. 

We work with national laboratories, researchers, and manufacturers, and help lead Department of Energy research grants with millions in funding.

Ramaco 3D has partnered with leaders in the additive manufacturing industry, including Carbon Inc. and Adaptive3D, to create smart and cost-effective choices for businesses of all sizes. Contact us to explore how we can elevate your project with advanced technology, cost savings, and professional service.

About Ramaco Carbon

Through forward-thinking technical talent and investment, Ramaco Carbon is creating Carbon Valley in Wyoming. We are  partnering with leading researchers, national laboratories, and manufacturers, with the goal of using the carbon found in coal to create high-value products and advanced materials.


Founded in 2013, Carbon offers a revolutionary new approach to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce products. 

Adaptive3D is a premium additive manufacturing polymer resin supplier, partnering with global leaders to enable high volume additive manufacturing through optimized materials.

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