Employee Spotlight: Drew Worman

Tell us about yourself

I was born near an army base in Fort Hood, TX and coming from a military family, I moved to several other cities until the age of three when my family settled in Laramie, WY up until I graduated high school. I was interested in having a different college experience than my peers, and I ultimately ended up attending Arizona State University, studying biomedical engineering at the honors college. After four years in Tempe, AZ, I moved back to find an engineering job in Sheridan, WY where both my parents and their families are from.

Outside of the engineering professional setting, there is a high chance you will find me passing my time with anything sports related, most specifically basketball. For three years in college, I was the head student manager for the ASU Men’s basketball team under Coach Bobby Hurley. I was able to travel to several fun destinations every year during this experience including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Portland, and even the Bahamas.


How were you introduced to 3D printing?

I was introduced to 3D printing during my freshman year of college and this exposure grew over my four years at ASU. The biomedical engineering program had a prototyping laboratory with several interesting new machines that I had never experienced during my education in Wyoming such as a laser cutter and a 3D printer. For at least 1-2 classes a year, a project involving 3D printing would be assigned and each one continued to spark my interest in this technology further. My favorite project I worked on using this technology was bringing a new board game to life that a group of four of my peers and I had made up. We printed aspects of the game such as player pieces, custom dice, spinning wheel, etc.


What brought you to Ramaco 3D?

When I made the move to Sheridan, WY, I was nervous about finding a job within the field I had studied in college. A family friend mentioned Ramaco Carbon along with their 3D department and the vision he talked about sparked my interest. I ended up researching more about the opportunities Ramaco 3D expects to pursue, specifically those with life science applications, and this led me to submit an application.


If you could 3D print anything with no limitations, what would you print?

If there were no 3D printing limitations, I would love to be able to continually print my favorite meals every day. There would be no better thing in my mind than being able to load up a juicy ribeye steak with a side of steak fries on a home 3D printer and have it ready for dinner when I get home from work. The crazy fact of all this is that the future possibilities of 3D printing is endless and is truly only limited by the creative boundaries of one’s own mind. This field is an extremely interesting area to be working in and I could not be more excited to see where Ramaco 3D takes me and the rest of the world!

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